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If you need Tree Pruning and Trimming in South Jersey, A Cut Above Tree Service LLC is the company to call.

Do you have trees on your South Jersey property that are constantly dropping branches all over your yard? What about that large tree hanging over your roof threatening to release branches that can damage your shingles? Perhaps you have a couple of trees that have lost their shape and are no longer attractive due to offshoots that have grown out of control? Or a row of trees that were cute when they were little but now have long limbs hitting your electrical wires?

At A Cut Above Tree Service LLC, we provide top-notch tree trimming and pruning in South Jersey. Trees that are trimmed properly have a neater and more balanced visual appearance. This balance also makes them less prone to falling, meaning tree trimming can actually be a wise investment in terms of safety. If a branch breaks off, it could cause serious damage to your roof, vehicle or fence. If the tree is large enough, it can even end up causing damage to your neighbors' property, resulting in serious liability for the owner. Trimmed trees are also less likely to suffer from diseases which can spread to lawns and other nearby plants. Trimming can actually help a tree focus its nutrients on strong sections rather than decaying ones, which can help homeowners avoid costly and invasive fixes.

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Here are a few reviews from some of our South Jersey tree trimming and pruning customers:

“Shout out to you guys for fitting us in on a last minute branch trimming job. You noticed we had some dangerous "hangers" (and we did) and gave us a great rate to trim up a tree that was a hazard.Thank you!!!”
— R. Hunt

“Had them come out to trim up a tree so we could put up an outdoor movie screen. They were fast and efficient. Cleaned up everything couldn't tell that they were even here. Would use them again.”
— J. Mcvey

“Prompt, professional, reasonable, and left no damage or debris. These guys know what they are doing, and I couldn't be happier with the result of their work. Fast, responsible, safe, courteous. Highly recommend.”
— B. Patrizzi